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Data Visualization Basics

Are you currently involved in work that could be augmented by visualizing your data for analysis or to communicate your findings to the public? Would you like to further your skills or learn new ways to make charts, graphs, maps, or other types of visualizations?

Come to a workshop that provides a background to creating successful graphs and charts. Data visualization, or the techniques used to visually display or communicate data, is an obvious output of our research or data analysis. The idea is to quickly and clearly display data for purposes of analysis or presentation. Being able to effectively communicate your data to an audience is a necessary part of any project, from academic work to interactive graphics in the New York Times. How to harness visualization tools to tell a story will be presented in this short workshop.

In this hour-long workshop, we will discuss how different types of graphs and charts are perceived and how they can be used to answer different questions.

This workshop is in the Sorrels Library Den (Wean Hall, 4th floor). 

Monday, September 9, 2019
1:00pm - 2:00pm
Sorrells Library, Den
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Emma Slayton

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